Meet the Maker

Superior comfort. Undeniable chic. Transformative style.

Question: Can a headband change the world?
At Crunchy Love Co., we work hard every day to find the answer to that question. We create soft, comfortable, non-slip headbands for women of all walks of life – from the yoga-loving fitness junkie to the occasionally frazzled mom of toddlers, or the brave woman battling illness to the fashion-forward style aficionado looking to complete her look – and everyone in between. We offer stylish, comfortable, and sustainably made headbands for women of discerning taste.

Founded in 2013, I created Crunchy Love Co. to celebrate my passion for design with my hectic life as a new mom. Facing many days where running a comb through my hair seemed almost impossible, but still wanting to look and feel cute, I created customized headbands that were comfortable and slip resistant that helped me elevate my look quickly and with minimal effort. Before long, I was creating pieces for clients across the globe – all of us longing for a quick and easy headband to help get us through the day.

So, can a headband change the world? Maybe not – but the women who wear them will. Welcome to Crunchy Love Co. – where we embrace the power of possibility.


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