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Crunchy Love Co.

Galaxy Top + Bikini Bottom Set

Galaxy Top + Bikini Bottom Set

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     Swimsuit shopping. Did you just get a twinge of anxiety reading that?

     It is so hard to find a swimsuit that fits. Either the top is too loose, the strings dig in, or the bottoms sag. Spending time in fitting rooms, struggling with suit after suit, is beyond frustrating.

     Since Crunchy Love Co. is all about customization and helping women feel confident and comfortable, we created a swim set that will fit you perfectly.

     For our breastfeeding mamas, this top provides full coverage yet easy nursing access.

     Underwire-free and tagless, the bikini top is super comfy. The hidden elastic feature provides complete support for your girls.

     The bikini bottoms conform to your curves. No more picking swimsuit wedgies or tugging at sagging material! Both pieces are fully lined for maximum coverage.

     The galaxy print explodes across the black background in colorful cosmos and twinkling stars. The vague outline of planets peek through the stardust, reminding us of our place in the vast Universe. High vibrations abound in this pattern.

     Since this set is custom made to order to your specific measurements (up to a 53” bust and 58” hip), you won't have to battle ill-fitting swimsuits ever again!



Please measure with a regular bra on

Bust (fullest part): S (32.5-35.5") , M (36-39") , L (39.5-42.5") , XL (43-46") , XXL (46.5-49.5") , XXXL (50 - 53")

Under BustS (29-31") , M (32-34") , L (35-37") , XL (38-40") , XXL (41-43") , XXXL (44-47")

Hips (widest part, butt included): XS (33-35"), S (35.5-37.7"), M (38-40") L (41-43"), XL (44-46"), 2X (47-50"), 3X (51-54"), 4X (55-58")

Fabric: 95% Nylon 5% Spandex, Pre-Shrunk. 

Apparel is handmade to order in the U.S., please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

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